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Just wanted to know if anyone else was having this problem. I use instacast on the iphone for my podcasts, which takes the rss feed not the itunes feed, and its not finding todays episode no matter how much i refresh, i know the problem is not on GB's end because i can see that the new ep is up on the RSS feed on the website. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yeah, I'm having the same issue over here.

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@delrobertto: I downloaded the update for instacast and now I see the episode for the 8th. Hope that resolves the issue for you.

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I'm having the same problem. Installed the latest update (2.0) yesterday and have had no sign of the new Bombcast since. I had to download the Bombcast from iTunes!

Have you had any other podcasts download since the update? When I think about it, I don't think I've had ANY new ones.

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Add me to the list. I have had other podcasts update since the update. In fact I first used the app to get the new bombcast and that's when the others started downloading without any sign of GBC.

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Ditto, no new episode here eiter

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So my Instacast app isn't fucked then, there's just some backend problem with either the Bombcast or Instacast...

Please investigate, top men! This makes me sad!

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I had the same problem too. I just unsucscribed from the bombcast and then resubscribed and now everything is hunky dory. I hope I don't have to do this every week.

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nah its a problem with the new instacast ap, todays tested podcast isnt showing up, either, however i have had other podcasts show up, but its not a bombcast problem because if you view the rss for the podcast in a regular browser you can see the new episode is in the feed. also this is with the new 2.0 update. sort of hate the new update might have to write a strongly worded review.

does this qualify as a e3 mystery? get sessler on it

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@longstarrr: yeah i had to resubscribe to GB and tested, but its sort of annoying because you dont really know if your missing out on any other podcast feeds not updating

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Just a tip for Instacast users trying to subscribe to the Whiskey Media Radio Show but keep getting redirected to the Bombcast feed. Enter the url http://www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/1// (note the double // at the end) and Instacast will see the correct URL. The TopMen seem to redirect www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/1 (note no slash) to www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml which causes problems because Instacast seem to remove trailing slashes from URLs.

Tl:dr: Use http://www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/1// to subscribe to Whiskey Media Radio Show in Instacast.

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Glad to see I wasn't the only one seeing this.

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Same problem here, with updated instacast, it only gets the files when I add the feed. I have to remove and readd the feed if I want new updates. It's isolated to the Giantbomb feed. (new time and date format?)

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Well, for one, this is a year old topic so you probably should have just made another topic as it's probably something else causing your problem. And secondly, I'm using Instacast and haven't had any problems with the Giant Bomb feed. So I can't help you there.