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Just wondering if the overall volume for the podcasts has decreased recently? Has anyone else noticed this? I work in a loud factory/warehouse and normally need my podcasts at full volume to hear them. For instance, yesterday's bombcast is completely inaudible for me to listen to when the machines are running. I switched to a podcast on gbencore from 1/12/16 and it is clearly more audible.

For further reference I listen to my podcasts on an android app called pocket casts. Really hoping someone else has noticed this and I'm not going crazy/deaf

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Checked with Brad and nothing's changed in our process, but I'll try to give a few episodes a listen and see if I notice anything.

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#3 Posted by deactivated-5a923fc7099e3 (534 posts) -

The video version is a bit quiet but the audio version seems normalized to me.

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@jeff: Thanks for taking time to look into it. It is a very subtle difference to me. At max volume with recent bomcasts I have to focus a lot to understand what's being spoken. On gbencore the podcasts are just barely louder but it's enough for me to understand clearly what's being said

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I watch the video versions and last podcast's audio was fine for me but the one prior to that was really quiet. I just checked now with the youtube audio slider at the same level on both and Bombcast 513 sounds significantly quieter to me than 514.

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I noticed that the video version is noticeably quieter than usual. I went from the listening to last weeks Beastcast to the Bombcast back to back and there was definitely a difference between the two.

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In case you don't already know, Pocket Casts has a volume boost feature that may help (or maybe was disabled?).

I personally haven't noticed a difference, but I use the same app with that feature enabled anyway.

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@liquidsaiyan3: where is this setting? Tried looking for it but couldn't find anything.

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@xanadu: assuming you're on Android (could be different on iOS) there's a small icon on the Now Playing screen that has all the audio effects for playback. Icon is in the lower-left corner.

I'd post a screenshot, but can't figure out how on mobile

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@liquidsaiyan3: yeeeees! That's exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!

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Audio version of the podcast has been great for me. I rarely ever watch the video version unfortunately.

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no, everything on giant bomb has become annoyingly louder. my volume lvl on the entire internet is around 30 my volume for giant bomb is at 6 and i still have to turn it down on the video's volume slider.

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I don't catch the live podcast but this week and last weeks Bombcast audio quality has been blown out and raspy in a way it's not normally when I download it to listen to on my phone.

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@grimreefz: I have the same issue. If I watch Giant Bomb Infinite I have to adjust the volume based on the age of the video. The newer stuff I have to crank way down, then back up for older videos. Although I usually only watch if it is 2012 or older now.

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Hopefully this will be solved soon. I know they're just looking at a AGC/compressor, and we'll see how it turns out and whether they like it or not. Meanwhile check out Breakaway.One if you want to fix it on the user's end across all of windows, including games and whatever uses that sound device. I agree it should be optimized server-side, but Breakaway.One is free and unlimited in trial mode with a short jingle after every hour of processing. I use mine for everything and even have a core set up for my microphone so I'm never too quiet or loud... all trial though.