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@zanzibarbreeze did amazing work creating his This Year podcast compilations, but it's been a while since he has posted here or on Twitter, so I wanted to put the question out there, is there interest in the creation of compilations of the Bombcast and Beastcast? If so, I am willing to do the cutting and editing to put something together, but I would want some help picking favorite moments from the community. Most likely, I would start with the Beastcast because it has never had a compilation, and it's a smaller amount of content to pick through.

Zanzibar, if you're out there, I'm not trying to step on your toes, if this is something you want to do, I will happily step aside. I love the This Year compilations and I only wish to continue the legacy in some small way.

If I missed a rule change stating that creating comps of the podcasts is no longer allowed, then please let me know and I will cease immediately. I'm not looking to make money on this, I just want to give back to the community. Thanks all, I hope this leads to cool things.

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I love Zanzibar's work on This Year and would think it was great if someone else took that up if he isn't working on them any longer.

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I like the This Year compiliations a whole lot, though he said the project was on hold a while back. I don't think there's anything against creating compiliations, since there's the whole Best of Giant Bomb thing that turned into an actual video feature on the site.

Myggen Myggen on YouTube has been pretty great at regularly uploading podcast snippets, so that might be a good start if you're looking to get an idea of some good highlights.

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I was just telling a friend about Dan this weekend and I really wish there was a "best of" for all of dan's weird food stories and the stories he told when he first joined

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@ajayraz: Thanks, I wanted to play it safe since I don't post much on the forum, and I appreciate the lead on the Youtube link.

@gvalo I'm up for doing side ideas like that too. I'll see how long one project takes before I promise anything, though.

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@maskmys: Thanks for the kind words man! If you want to create your own compilations, by all means go for it -- don't worry about me! I definitely am planning to pick this project back up in the future but I don't have time for it right now -- I'm hoping later this year. :)

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I love those, and would love one for last year. I still go back and listen to some of the old ones from time to time.

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Please do. I would love a new compilation to listen to.

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With @zanzibarbreeze's blessing, I am going to begin working on putting together a best of 2015 Beastcast compilation. I can't give any kind of time frame because this is the first time I've done anything like this. If you have any moments that you think must be in there, pop them in here, and otherwise, I shall be digging in. Thanks for all the support!

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Popping my head in here to see if a 2015 Best Of Giantbomb is still happening, and possibly asking how its going.

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Dan cringe compilation maybe combined with Dan genuine human compilation? Bonus points if you include snippets from his Gameinformer days. I feel some jokes don't land unless you know more of his history.

Edit: Is there also a best of Kerbal? I don't think I've ever seen that series highlights.