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The upcoming jaunt that the crew speaks about to Japan sounds awesome. I listen with envious ears and support it in any way I can.

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I wish I had access to a large sum of money I could be wildly irresponsible with, too.

In that regard, my full support is behind Jeff and the Bomb Crew in the hopes that that I may vicariously experience their terrible, terrible decision making.

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I want to see the bomb crew drink 3 liter beers.

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Jeff should do a kickstarter.

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I was going to suggest a Kickstarter as well. Supporters would have special access to the videos of the raid. People that supported at different levels could have fun Japanese stuff such as gashapon (I cannot tell you how much money i jammed into those capsule machines when I got to visit).

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This is literally the only kickstarter I would ever contribute to.

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Hey guys, just film the whole experience and use it as a tax write off, you had to do this for your job!

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I will only support their raid if they are going to Indonesia and are raiding a criminal filled apartment complex.

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I already made a thread about this but getting more support for the raid is always a good thing.

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This raid NEEDS to happen!!! I want a lengthy video series on it. These kinds of features are what made me a GB fan in the first place. we don't get enough of them these days.

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The RAID needs to happen. It needs to be filmed all guerilla style shaky cam and just raw footage the whole time. 24 hours of insanity. Either that or they need to go the entirely opposite direction and make some insanely overproduced sorta douchy version of it like that polygon documentary

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I try to collect games as much as I can. I always scavenge Craigslist and hunt through every Gamestop I can every week. My latest find was Castlevania Bloodlines for the Genesis at a swap meet. When I heard this weeks bombcasr, I was excited. Except for the part where Jeff mentioned spending $1000 dollars overseas. I wanted to literally call their office right away and tell him he doesn't need to spend that much. If he looks in the right places, he can get everything he needs for his Turbografix (and then some) for less than a couple hundred.

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@pw2566ch: But that's not a RAID. Also remember this isn't just $1000 of Turbografix stuff, this is an undefined amount of money to spend in Japan.

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If CBSi fund GB a trip to Japan to buy games, I'm putting in a request to fly to Canada to hunt down Phil Fish.

I'll call it Fishing for Phil. Guaranteed hit.

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I just spent $600 on a

  • PS3
  • Dead or Alive 5
  • Pokemon Black 2
  • A wireless router
  • A soundcard
  • Xcom

But Im also single, with no family, and my only real monthly experiences are food, meds, and rent.

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Hey gimme your Pokemon black 2 friend code, bruh. Anyway. It'd be worth my subscription price to see them video record their trip to Japan without TGS as a prerequisite. Those videos typically consist of show floor/booth tours, highly edited and compressed because viewers are seeking info about games, not to watch the guys have fun/interview weirdos/taste crazy foods. Think of Drew's North Korea trip, but for odd underground Japanese restaurants and game/comic/movie stores.

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@Dagbiker said:

I just spent $600 on a

  • PS3
  • Dead or Alive 5
  • Pokemon Black 2
  • A wireless router
  • A soundcard
  • Xcom

But Im also single, with no family, and my only real monthly experiences are food, meds, and rent.

yep in the same situation roughly 40% of my monthly paycheck goes to bills, food and all the usual things, rougly 40% goes to a saving so that i can some day buy/build a house without out having to borrow money from the bank and the last 20% is just for spending if i want, we are only half way thought the month and i have allready spend rougly $1580

granted most of it is on a new gfx card ($1391 for a gefroce gtx 690) and about 192 for xcom and dishonored (yep a game cost about $95 where i live)