Jan's Ankle

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Hey everyone! Jan's quick socks chat towards the end of the recent Bombcast inspired me to whip up a quick drawing of something that came to mind. I've been a long time listener thanks to my bf making me a GB convert, but this will be my first contribution to the forums here.

Hope you all enjoy!!!

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Why doesn't Ben enjoy a good ankle? Does he not appreciate the subtle curves? We NEED to get to the bottom of this travesty!!!! #freetheankle

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Back in my day game journalists use to be honest and respectful. Now they're going around showing their ankles to God knows who.


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Goood stuff. Stuffed socks. Full of feet!

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@xanadu: Buzz off, old man! Nowadays the youths are showing off everything up to the kneecaps and it is glorious!

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All the splits and stretching stuff is all just an elaborate ruse to get the internet to see my ankles!

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@janman: I'm sorry there are so many people ankleshaming you Jan. Wish Ben was more open minded.