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Skate 3, now Backwards Compatible on XB1.

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Where do you see this? Major Nelson and the Backwards Compatibility list don't show Skate 3 as being made available yet.



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"New games are added to this list on a regular basis starting in December 2015. Games confirmed to arrive in the future include Call of Duty: Black Ops, BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, and Skate 3."

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@joe_mccallister: Skate 3 isn't even in that article, though, and the official backwards compatibility list was updated today with four new games.

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skate 4 pls

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@kcin: my bad - I was linked to that article from this article and figured the source would be correct. It lists Skate 2 in there, which confused me because they're saying that Christian Today has Skate 3 listed. What a mess - I'd call this foggy at best.

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@joe_mccallister: no worries, I'm just another dude patiently awaiting the arrival of Skate 3, hah. Yeah I don't think this rumor is true; Major Nelson revealed four new BC games like an hour ago, and none of them were Skate 3, plus the official BC list on xbox.com was updated today, and Skate 3 isn't on it. Maybe tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, thread title and OP should probably be changed, since it isn't true.

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My bad, the four added are Foul Play, Monopoly Plus, SEGA Bass Fishing, and XCOM: Enemy Within

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@kcin: I very much doubt it will be tomorrow. Much more likely to be during the press conference at E3 Monday. My assumption is they are going to talk about the backwards compatibility program at the conference and make an announcement like "and 10 more of your most requested games are now available!"

If you were about to make Skate 3 backwards compatible, which a lot of people have requested, why would you slip it out the Friday before E3 rather than roll it into your big backwards compatibility update during the press conference?

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@bigsocrates: I was just joshin around b ;D ;D more exclamation points have been added to enhance joke

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E: i already have this on ps3 but it's kind of a bother for me to hook it up and play it. this would be preferable.

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yeah bt wear is skate 4?

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After mirrors edge fails, ea is only going to make Battlefield, Star Wars, and Madden games. Challenge everything y'all!

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I never moved beyond Skate. Although Skate 4 will end Syria's refugee crisis.

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Maybe someone can edit the title to reflect that this isn't actually happening right now?

Seriously though Skate 4 plz.

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I do not know how reliable this is, but...


"Aside from the five EA games that have been discovered on Amazon, it is expected that another highly-popular title, "Skate 3," will be added to the list Xbox One backwards compatible games.

Similar to "Call of Duty: Black Ops," "Skate 3" is among a selected number of Xbox 360 classics, which Microsoft promised to release via the Xbox One backwards compatibility update way back in 2015.

Skate 3 has garnered over 30,000 votes on Microsoft's official feedback page, placing it a far second behind top choice "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2."

In fact, "Skate 3" has reportedly been re-rated by Korea's Game Rating Board.

The request for re-rating was filed on May 18 and approved on May 27.

This is definitely good news for Xbox One gamers, as this development suggests that "Skate 3" will be released before E3, where it is likewise expected that bigger games will be announced for the expanding backwards compatible program.

Read more: http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/89569/20160531/xbox-one-backwards-compatible-games.htm#ixzz4BCcl0NK0"

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If it happens, that would be maybe the first time I seriously considered getting a xbox one.

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stake four plaz

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The backwards compatible stuff is really cool on XB1. Kinda wish PS4 did that instead of Playstation Now.

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But it isn't #skate4

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Ok, suck it guys.

Now it's available.

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This is awesome, I'm downloading it and will probably end up playing through the entirety of the career again.

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Really glad I saw this. Thanks for the heads up.

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But this isn't #Skate4.

#State4 Will bring my father back

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Has anyone else mentioned #skate4 ?

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