music from the giantbomb at nite intermissions

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hello all,

while watching the giant bomb at nite shows, i routinely found myself not skipping through the intermissions and instead jamming out to a lot of that music. much to my dismay, i have no idea what any of that is called so i am unable to find it to listen to it. does anybody have a list or know of some songs used? (i have lockdown but none of the others :( )


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I think most of Giant Bomb's royalty free music comes from Audio Network. There's a big thread here with all the music they've used in the past, and people have been digging up all the nite show music in the most recent posts. You should check out the last page to see if anything you like has been identified.

Synthetic Life was so popular that the Audio Network folks put it up on their YouTube channel:

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Synthetic Life! Thanks!

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