My hopeless desire to have my email read on the bombcast.

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Anyone else spend time writing up what they considered a "good" email for the bombcast and get bummed when they don't get read on air? I realize there are a load of reasons this happens. Timing and probably a the amount of email they get a week are really what it comes down to.

I only am asking this because I wrote up what I considered to be a great email only to get denied. And am just a little mopey about it.

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Yeah, but it's awesome when they do get read.

I have a funny feeling that I might have put myself into their spam filter though. I sent them a link to a VR youtube video back when there was a lot of discussion about how to "show" VR in the best way and looking back on it... it looked a lot like an advertisement for a random youtube channel.

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I think timing and brevity plays a big part. You shouldn't think of it as getting denied. I also think softball questions have an easier time of getting through. It's fun to hear your question read and answered but it's not as satisfying as I thought it would be. I've had some success on the Bombcast but Beastcast seems harder to me.

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I don’t write often, but I’ve had EVERYONE but Brad pull one of my e-mails.

Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Abby...I’ll write an e-mail about NES controllers, Samurai Shodown, my coworker getting arrested while flushing drugs my first night on a job, Jar Jar being a sith lord, whatever...I’ve lost count.

Brad, though...he’s an uncrackable puzzle.

EDIT: Fuck it, I’m going to write about DOTA and chicken n’ waffles...

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Yeah Ive sent a few emails in every now and then and they've never got read either. it's no biggie! I assume they just have a lot to go through.

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Ya, I've had what I felt were topical and interesting emails that did not get read. It's whatever, but it especially sucks when they answer some variation of "what do you like that you didn't before" or "what is your desert island game" for the millionth time.

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They have to get 100's if not more emails in a week. Its a numbers game after that.

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I think of questions in my head all the time but never send any. I tell myself the questions aren't interesting enough and then I hear them read a damn food question and think well I can certainly do better than that.

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I don't think people realize how much bigger their audience has gotten either.

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I think i wrote once when they still had the F1 podcast, my email about the walloons was so good/bad they even made it there thumbnail, with them thinking the walloons was some sort of space race in star trek if i remember correctly. ( i would have linked it but the episode seems to be gone.)

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I've written three emails to the Bombcast over the 10 years I've been listening, never been read. Maybe I'm wrong (and my emails suck) but I assume they get sent so many emails that the chances are low unless I write every week and I don't often have something that makes me think "I gotta remember to send this off to the guys before next Tuesday!"

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It hurts even more when someone gets the same email read on both podcasts. It amazing how often they answer the same industry related questions over and over again so they must have short memories.

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It's like a job application. Wait three months and send it in again.

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Not at all the same thing but you could try the Aftermath show. They answer questions from the same people every single week so they must be desperate for good questions.

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I've written a few over the years, maybe three or four? The only one I was really disappointed about not getting read was a game for Dan. On one episode of the Beastcast, he said something along the lines of, "Elon Musk is like a Bond villain without being evil." So I sent in a game for the Beastcast crew to test Dan. It was a list of quotes from Musk and Bond villains, for them to read and Dan would guess which was said by Musk and which was said by a Bond villain.

I was really proud of that one, but I guess Abby didn't like it enough to read on air. *shrug*

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I suggest you write in Helvetica. Brad can't resist it. Namedrop a defunct 90s PC manufacturer in the subject line to catch his eye. Can't hurt to use background stationery with a faint Dota 2 logo either.

I've written a few emails over the past decade and the one that got through was on the NintenDownload Xpress.

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@superjoe: NintenDownload Express was amazing. That podcast had an arc.