Name that game mentioned on (probably) the Beastcast

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So, a while ago on... I believe... the Beastcast, someone (Vinny or Alex?) mentioned a game that I've been googling to no avail since. Here's what I recall; does anyone remember what game this is?

1) I believe it was on the Beastcast. Maybe the Bombcast. Possibly I'm in the wrong forum and this was Waypoint.

2) It was a kid-friendly point-and-click adventure game the male podcaster speaking had been playing with his kid.

3) The art was scribbly and kind of Ren-and-Stimpy-esque. The main character, I believe, was a black scribbly blob?

4) The main character interacted with the world by the player clicking on stuff and selecting a verb like "Lick".

5) I believe the goal was to get some sort of food (cheese? a cherry?) and there was an antagonist who was also trying to get it.

6) The name sounded something like "Chu Chill" or "Cha Chill".

I've got a long weekend coming up with an bright little kid who gets bored easily plus an infant to watch. I was thinking this might be a good time to introduce the older to the world of video games, since he could use some new excitement in his life... and get creative about destroying the house when he has nothing to do. Any terms I can think of to Google aren't getting me helpful results, though... anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Chuchel. Abby did a QL of it I think?

Also I'm pretty sure you heard Abby and Jeff on the Beastcast discussing it.

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