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One in which, during the News section, Brad starts a news item with "Let's talk about <insert topic I forgot>."

Everyone responds with lines from the chorus of the Salt 'n' Pepa song. Jeff, concludes with the lyrics of the bridge, "Ladies. All the ladies. Louder now. Help me out."

Circa 2014?

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I'm going through a bunch of 2014 episodes, will let you know if I find it.

Apologies for piggy backing here (better than starting a new topic) but to keep going with the theme of a bombcast where someone sings, can anyone remeber the episode where Jeff talks about breaking up with his girlfriend at the time and drove to hang out with his friends singing Mark Morrisons "Return Of The Mack"? I know he talked about it on an episode of Danswers, but there was a bombcast where Jeff sings it.

Also, looking for an episode where Jeff (I think) is talking with Dan about the origins of Dota 2 (being a mod of Warcraft 3) and mentioned it being nicknamed "Diablo On The Acid".

Thanks for any help.

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@sits This episode is probably the one you are after, about the 11:18 minute mark:


Anyone have any luck with the ones I was chasing?