Podcast App BeyondPod is Beyond Broken

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@flameboy84: Going by their last post over at their support site here the fix and update to the app should be coming to phones who use the current "up to date" version of the app pretty soon. I will be sticking with 3.1.39 and will switch if/when @edgework gets back to us if this isn't sorted with update. I'm still hoping the problems only occurs with the newer version of the app and I can continue to use the old one. I don't mind buying a new podcast app but I think the old Beyond Pod is the best thing I've tried and owned.

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I'll be paying attention after the next few big podcast releases to see. I assume this is fixed. The developer found the problem. So far there's no plans to block it any more. Though, he did give me the ability to determine if the user is using the up to date version. If the trouble persists with older versions we my have to only allow the latest version. We'll see.

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@edgework: Thanks edgework. We appreciate all of the updates

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My install of BeyondPod updated to this new version, and now I'm getting 401 errors trying to pull down the premium feeds. Weird stuff.