Podcasts of the night shows?

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#1 Posted by FadedMFC (45 posts) -

Am I mistaken in thinking that the audio from the night shows normally gets put up on the podcast feed?

I can't see anything about it happening this year.

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#2 Posted by bwheeeler (919 posts) -

Sometimes it takes a while...Hope they're still doing it.

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#3 Posted by Captain_Insano (3533 posts) -

If I recall correctly last year the podcast versions didn't go up until they were back from m E3. I do miss the days of audio only sometimes, as I don't have the time to watch a whole video stream, but it's nice that there's options.

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#4 Posted by Rearmed (96 posts) -

You might know this allready but if you dont. The first nightstream is in the normal feed but not in the premium one.

I just made a topic about it here: https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/bombcast-32/why-isnt-the-nightpod-in-the-premium-feed-1811318/