Polytopia is really good

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I've been really addicted to Polytopia, it's great and I'm going to buy some more nations when I can, but ummm, the ramp from normal to hard is ridiculous. Like on normal I can do very well but on hard I get swamped by hordes of offense from the other teams, what do I do?

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Ever since Ben suggested it on the podcast I downloaded it and been hooked since. Probably the first mobile game in a long time that I sunk my teeth into.

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I also love it, but find it impossible to get a three star victory. Every single time I get two stars. I think the highest I've gotten is around 26k, where as you need 50k to get three stars.

Also yes, hard is very hard. You basically need to get a few cities established before you find another civ. Once you find another civ you almost always have to spam enemies to hold them off or destroy them. Boats are incredibly helpful - especially battleships.

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Yah, I've been playing a ton too. I can't get 3 stars I feel like you need the premium woefully overpriced guys to even come close. I've gotten 85% with Hoodrick and 83% with Bardur on crazy vs 2 enemies, but the asking for 95% is way too high. You have to take out both civs in 30 turns without lose more than like 10 units on crazy. Even with amazing starting that's near impossible from my findings. The best strategy for all civs I've found for domination is to get a civ with a special unit (Hoodrick archers are great, Bardur i think has shields which are good and one has riders to start). Don't get the swords civ even though ti's tempting. 5* per unit is too expensive early on and you won't be able to produce enough. Then rush riding if you don't have it to get as many cities settled as possible. Wide play is a huge advantage in domination. Tall can be okay in perfection but still not as good as wide there. The rush to shields for the next unit. After you have shields and riders and maybe archers depending on your starting civ start to grow your cities. Hopefully you have 3 at least. Get them to 3 pop each minimum and 4 for your edge cities to get the walls going. If you're an island nation start building ports as well. Then head to an elite unit. If you're facing naval civ, swordsmen, or shields get catapults. If it's riders, archers, or warriors get knights. Knights are amazing because you can kill infinite units in a turn provided they all have low defense and are connected together. After that build you cities up to get some giants and kill kill kill. Few late game tips. Lumberyards are tempting early and if you have to use them but in the end it's better to get chivalry and burn the forests to create farms and place windmills. Build roads right before your elite units, or as soon as you get them from a ruin. And if you're fighting in the water or mountains a lot the defensive sciences for each is very powerful. Highly suggest it. Oh and only get whaling if you see two whales already in you borders, and do it immediately if you see it. They're worth lots of *s