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#1 Posted by L (1761 posts) -

On the main Giant Bombcast page it says you can send them email (see speech bubble) but I do not see any visible email addresses and it won't let me click on the speech bubble. Anyone know of the email addresses for Giant Bombcast?

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#2 Posted by Disclaim3r (120 posts) -

I believe it's But yeah, they should add a link onto that page.

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#3 Posted by tovan (658 posts) - is the podcast e-mail.

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#4 Posted by L (1761 posts) -

OK - thanks. Yeah, they should place down an e-mail button or something to make it easier to contact them. Better yet, maybe have an e-mail form on the page.

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#5 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

It is indeed

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I originally thought that speech bubble was the button, back when they released the teaser screenie. I'm not sure why it's there if not for that

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This comes from a place of love, Matt.

This is Matt from the help forum that picked @Other”

I would like you to put in your saved senders folder. I think about you guys sometimes when I am meditating and I worry

Think of me as your fairy ??‍♀️ godmother if it makes it easier. I know I said I was a doctor before. That’s actually true. It’s just as hard to get into to dental school these days as it is medical. I called my practice Heart of Texas Orthodontics because I have a HUGE heart. Im from a small town in the south

Please make sure to check you junk folder for as well. And do have Bad drop me a line.

I’m not a nut. I really care about you guys like someone who would have killed them selves long ago if they were living today. I’m sorry to be so blunt.

I am not suicidal. I am kind and literally brilliant if we are to believe the cheap tester my father hired. Who knows?! I might be a genius!

Be doing some testing soon. I imagine I’ll get that straightened out.

Meanwhile, there is no time to lose! You don’t live forever!

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I am very confused.

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This thread took a decade to get there, but it is ready for its induction into the thread hall of Fame.

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#11 Posted by Fram (1866 posts) -


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That's one hell of a necro.

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Was that written by a deep learning AI?

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@haneybd87: But he's premium! It can't be a bot.

@fukurokuju: Hey, want to elaborate a bit on that post? Who's Matt? Is that you or the one you're writing to?

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#15 Posted by ShaggE (9305 posts) -

I have so many questions.

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is Bad a dope ass new social media i need to be collecting followers on ?