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Hey, I was listening to a clip of the Bombcast and was wondering if anyone has made a super cut of every instance of brad saying he shouldn't have ate before starting to record.

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He's been tired for years.

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He's been tired for years.

Haven't we all...

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Not that I know of but that would be a good supercut, or just bad food choices in general.

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brad... had a hard life. he needs some time to rest.

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I would like a compilation of British Brad.

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@none_braver said:

He's been tired for years.

Haven't we all...

Fuck man, if I didn't have a bunch of shit I needed to do, I could have easily fallen asleep at any time during the last 5 years...

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Is it time we put Brad down? Quality of life is suffering...

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Soft Bradly, warm Bradley
Blond crew-cut of hair

Happy Bradley, sleepy Bradley
Gerr, Gerr, Gerr

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I really really love this website and the bombcast.

Edit: and Brad. EMAILS!