stadia vs geforce now

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why is stadia getting buzz? onlive pioneered streaming games. hell, they pioneered watching game play. onlives ui was a precurser to twitch. i use geforce now,and playstation now on pc. why all the hype over stadia?

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Because the infrastructure is finally catching up

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I was pumped for Stadia until they unveiled the pricing model. I've been all-digital for years, but there's no way I'm paying $60 for a streaming video file.

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GeForce Now is a wholly different beast it's streaming for your exisiting library and also the plan once out of beta is to charge for time spent, it's never going to be mass market.

Joe public buying the game off Steam then searching for a service they probably don't even know exists is too many steps, grabbing the game off Stadia is a much easier sell, doubly so clicking a button after a YouTube ad.

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No of the strategies until the are proven. I know eventually we'll be all playing games this way, maybe even most games, but until ist pretty seamless for me I won't subscribe.

But, let's be honest I give the edge [even the edge after all; the screw up that always happen] to Stadia. Google is too big, they actually OWN too much Internet backbone and server farms to not win. It is like asking, "Who would win if two companies were selling trucks Americans will buy?" Ford or Segway Scooters?

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another thought, the pc is the real winner. sony and microsoft streaming console games while nvidia, steam, google,and amazon stream pc games. all of that content on one platform. legally. the future of one box for everything is here. its personal computer.

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@hawkshaw52: I mean, they all work on mobile phones too.

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geforce now work on phones? no. playstation now? no. game pass? no. pc only has all 3 plus....

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raspberry pi 4, 45.00 dollars. access to x cloud, playstation now, geforce now, google stadia.

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Xcloud is coming to phones, which can include your game pass games.

Geforce Now is coming to android later this year, and since it's on the Nvidia Shield, there are apks floating around to install on your phone.

True, Playstation Now isn't available on phones. That's probably going to change.

Neither Xcloud, Playstation Now, nor Geforce Now are supported on Raspberry Pi, not sure why you brought that up.

That's the point of streaming. Do it anywhere.