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I was just listening to the 03-24-2009 Bombcast (great episode) with the Swedes from GRIN, and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good online places to get some Swedish candy? Specifically, where you might get a nice sampler or something that let's you get a bit of everything without paying a bunch of money for bags of candy. Or should I just hit up Amazon?

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If anyone offers you swedish candy if you get in the van…don't do it.

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Whatever you do, get this.

Edit: Honestly, I am Swedish and just the idea that there would be a shop that would import Swedish candy seems absurd. Our candy isn't all that remarkable.

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The only Swedish candy worth knowing about!

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@atwa: They redesigned the monkey! I miss the classic more hand drawn version. :(

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I have a sort of idle curiosity about this stuff after hearing about it on the Bombcast. If anyone can find a site that can deliver a small quantity to the states for a low price, I'd probably try it out.

I did find this place. They're based in the UK, but it says they ship overseas.

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@cloudymusic: @forcen: Thanks guys!~ <3 Those links seem to have most of the ones that were mentioned on the Bombcast. Too bad I haven't found any good "samplers" yet. Ah well, I'll just try to order the smallest amounts.

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@forcen: What do you mean? That's just my Ammonium Chloride dispenser.

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DJ Ungerwrahl in the house! It's pretty funny that our candy sparks this kind of interest :)