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Inviting everyone to tune-in to The Bombcast Rewind, the third iteration of a Mixlr station dedicated to broadcasting episodes of the Giant Bombcast 24/7. Episodes will be played randomly out of the entire catalog of Bombcast/Arrow Pointing Down episodes -- with breaks taken during GiantBomb live-stream content.

Follow us on Twitter

Follow @BombcastRewind for stream status, general GiantBomb related retweeting, and some occasional giveaway announcements.

Want to contribute?

Like the iterations before this, I would love to get some original artwork up for the album art and the stream avatar. Any further suggestions on how to improve the stream are always welcome.

Community Credits

@sjqpersonal - Bringing up the idea of a stream revival.

@alyssia - Previously host of "Bombcast Rewind" and Original idea of having a 24/7 Bombcast stream.

@rustafur - Previously host of "Bombcast Rewind: Revengence".

Further details: The stream is being hosted on a dedicated home server (only existing as a TeamSpeak server and occasional Terraria server otherwise). Currently perusing remote access capabilities and a battery backup to ensure better stream up-time.

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thanks, duder. been jonesing for this since the last one went down.

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I needed this..

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Good job man! I'm glad you did it. It would be rad if we could get some insight on some of the cool twitter tricks from the previous hosts. Hope it all works out for as long as we can keep her going! If at any point you can't host it, I'll tack on here at home and try to make it work.

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Thanks! I listened a bit yesterday and it was preeettyy great having it back.

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Awesome!! Glad to see this has returned. Bookmarking it now!

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Thanks for putting this up as well as to those who hosted it before. It's really appreciated.

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Thanks for bringing this idea back! I greatly enjoyed having this around in its previous incarnations and will make good use of this one as well.

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Thanks for this, duder. Was really dissapointed when the last Bombcast Rewind went AWOL without any notice.

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Yes! Thanks for putting this up, big props to the other hosts as well.

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Thank you, I'm loving this. :)

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Oh god, this is exactly what I need for my last week of finals. Thanks!!

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Yes!! I've been listening to them in order from oldest to newest but I would much rather jump in this bad boy when I have an Internet connection! Good to see it back duder

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Super cool!

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I appreciate the hell out of this dude! Always nice to get some random bombcast in my ears!

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@accidentalpancakes I'm not sure what kind of specs and tools you need to run a server to do this, but AWS offer a free first year of server hosting for micro instances I believe. Might be worth looking into.

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Thanks duder. This is some good stuff. Hearing all about Monlyneux's balls right now.

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Love the idea. Would love it if there could be a way to showing which Bombcast is playing.

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@mattdragn: No problem. I am using my own personal server inside my house, so it doesn't cost me anything to use my server for this. The only costs associated are the MIxlr fee for a Pro account and that doesn't cost me much at all.

@jjor64: Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do that on Mixlr currently. I'm trying to find different way to deliver that information, but haven't come to any good solutions as of yet.

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Thanks a lot! I quite enjoyed listening to this.

-- with breaks taken during GiantBomb live-stream content.

Did you do that out of your own initiative? It's pretty cool but also seems annoying to pull off longterm.

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@kewlsnake: I was told that was one of the stipulations for previous iterations for allowing this sort of thing to exist, so its probably a good idea to keep it. Its really not that annoying; until I get remote access to my server from my phone set up, there will just be extended downtime ahead of and after livestreams if I'm not at home. For example: for Spookin' With Scoops tonight, I'll take the stream down after work (5pm CST) because I'll be leaving and won't be back home until after Spookin' starts at 8pm CST.

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@kewlsnake: I told him about it. I remember whoever lead the Revengeance stream did this, and it's a pretty cool duder thing to do, or atleast I thought so when I heard about it.

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Thank you. This is amazing!

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Thank you so much

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@accidentalpancakes: Just saying my annual thanks for keeping this up and running for so long. Whenever Im bored and want to listen to a podcast but have no new ones on deck, I always turn to this channel. Also, I wanted to let people know for people who didn't know: The stream is currently casting a nonstop beast cast marathon (im guessing in honor of Austins departure).

Sorry mods if this is considered a nerco but I thought duders should know and might be interested about the recent programming change on the stream.

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Lately I've been toying with the idea of implementing something similar to The Bombcast Rewind but without a server side component. Would it be possible to write a web page that randomizes all available Bombcast / Beastcast episodes as published by the RSS feeds and play each back in a predictable order with a basic html5 <audio> element that plays the original mp3's hosted by giantbomb.com? Can this website also ensure that all visitors are listening to the same episode at the same timestamp at all times? Can all of this be done in javascript without a central server?

Well, I think I was able to pull that off. Enter: http://gbencore.com/

I have no idea if this is going to be of use to anyone but since I was able to get a working prototype together I figured I'd share it. Mods if you feel this is crossing any sort of lines by all means just pm me. I'll be happy to pull this down.

Thanks, I'd be happy to hear any feedback.