What Bombcast episode was this?

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It was an episode where Vinny was hosting, while Jeff was away somewhere, and using all kinds of sound effects and music. It ended, as most Bombcasts do, with emails and if I remember correctly they were crazy stories of some kind. Delivery men maybe? The week after Jeff returned with a "What the hell were you guys doing?" kind of question.

I know this isn't a lot to go off of but I'm hoping someone out there is able to take my limited clues and finds this episode so I can show it to my one friend.

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Is it the one with Will Smith and they call Patrick to talk about an EVE conflict?

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Hm there was that Vinny-helmed bombcast where they recorded an interview with Patrick and he made a bunch of predictions about the future of the xbox one and kinect, and then news broke literally the next day of basically everything Patrick said wouldn't happen, so instead they just chopped up the audio of the original interview into something really stupid.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfHvn6-tytQ Here's the "interview". Not sure it's the right one, but if so, the podcast link is in the description.