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If it drops early enough, take the kid out for a walk. Otherwise, shopping, driving or just hang outside somewhere and smoke and listen.

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I listed to it while I'm walking my dogs.

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Mostly in bed..going to sleep.

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either driving between places of employment or running.

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i either fix me somethin to eat while listenin to it that night or when i listen to it before i go to bed. if i fall asleep before it's over then i listen to it all over again on my way to school and on my break between classes. i listen to the newest one multiple times through the week though and also older ones too. never really gets old to me.

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Stuck in the traffic in Acapulco. BombCast makes the stress go away :)

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I listen for the first couple hours of work on Wednesday 

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Normally listen to the whole thing on wednesday when im on the toilet.

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I'm usually listening to it in the dark, naked, with a tub of ice cream resting on my chest. You know, i'm eloquent with this shit.

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I work in a library as a shelver that doesn't allow it's employees to use any sort of personal electronics on the job, Which is shame be cause it can sometimes feel like the most boring job in the world. However, I've been sneaking in my MP3 player every day for the past nine months. Every week I look forward to the Giant Bombcast more than any other podcast 'cause it helps me get through my mind numbingly boring day.
I'm glad that the bombcast is free for everyone now so everyone with crappy occupations can experience the the weekly shinanigans of Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinny.
Viva la Giant Bomb!

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If I download it on Tuesday night I'll usually listen to it while playing Civ IV or even Dragon Age, otherwise I listen to it on my commute to and from school which in rush hour traffic tends to be ~1 hour each way so just enough time for the podcast.

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I walk back from the work. More or less 7km (it´s like my "gim"). Because that podcast is too much better than video.

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I play 360 games on mute, usually a sports title. Not a bad way to go through 2 hours every week!

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Play something that doesint need sound all that much, lately its been torchlight.

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Usually sleeping because it dosent go up til 2 or 3am here usually.

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I lay in bed listening to it before I go to sleep, depending on what time it goes up. It's usually at least past midnight by the time it's up though, so I just chill out and listen to it that way.

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Wednesday mornings are trash pickup so I'm breaking down cardboard boxes, cleaning up, and other boring stuff.

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I'm usually laying in my bed, although sometimes I'll listen to it while grinding in Persona 3 FES.

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Play games with no dialog or online competitive mode. Such as Mount & Blade Warband.

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Every single podcast from day 1 has been in the comfort of my car, on the commute to and from work.  These guys have been there for me at all times.  Even though I am happy to still support them, the main reason I subscribed for the yearly was primarily the Bombcast.  However, I'm sure I will enjoy the Friday shows since I am off every Friday.  I just hope that it stays exclusive to the subscribers and doesn't just go on re-run after a couple of days. 
I am definitely looking forward to the surprise new feature exclusive to subscribers though.  Totally psyched!

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I download it wednesday morning (living in the UK so times are different) and listen to the first 40 mins on the way to work and the rest on the way home since the journey always takes longer going home.  I tend to listen to the E3 specials whenever they go up since i take that week off as a holiday from work and at Christmas i use the bombcasts to block out the shoppers whilst i run around the stores picking up presents and last minute stuff, helps keep me in high spirits to hear the guys talking all kind of crazyness about games.  The rest of my working week i usually listen to the BTSD podcast on thursday and Tested on Friday.

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I listen to it while I walk randomly around the city for a couple of hours after work.

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I listen in bath every day, the BC normally lasts me the whole week

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type adresses

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Usually while working out

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I don't listen to it on tuesdays, sooooooooo...

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some other work on the computer usually

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On Thursdays, I work at a desk at Target. This gets me the chance to listen to music/podcasts for upwards of 8 hours. So I save all my podcasts until Thursday morning.

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Plot to take over the world!

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I've been saving them for Forza 3 recently, as the last achievement I need to get in that game is getting a gold medal in every event. 
Hour-long endurance races seem a lot quicker when the Giantbomb team is in the car with you.

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I listen to Screened, Giant Bomb, Tested and the Hot Spot while walking to work, having my lunch break if no one is around or while making longboards. Instead of having loud machinery ruin my hearing I can enjoy the soothing voices of our heros. 

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Commute, work out, play games I don't need to listen to, sleep!

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Usually listen to the first half hour of the bombcast on my way to work. Listen to the rest on my cycle home and continue to do so at home.

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Generally i listen on my way or from work. The other possibility is playing strcraft or lately civ
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If I have it streaming in the background, I can't pay attention to what the crew is saying. Usually I listen to it on my ipod when I'm out and about.

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i usually listen to it going to bed or at work and on special occasion......the toilet, I know, I know....

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I'm usually playing Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer with the sound off, most of the time whilst getting stoned. 
(Not trying to be the typical Dutch guy here, but hey, you asked!)

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playing PvZ, Peggle or laying in bed.

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I listen to it Wednesday mornings while I work.

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I listen to it while I take the dog out for a walk. Usually in 45 minute increments.

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I'm a competitive runner/racer so I sometimes listen when running by myself but most of the time I listen while driving.  
 If i try to listen while surfing the web I don't listen to the content and it seems like a waste. 

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In bed, going to sleep.
They have the voices of an angel, especially Brad.

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Minecraft or TrackMania.

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While driving to school I'm usually stuck in bad traffic on the way back it helps with the frustration.

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Masturbate furiously.

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I have a commute that totals about 5 hours on Tuesdays (east coast time), so I'm always a week behind. 

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Traveling on Wednesday.  

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I try not to listen to it until my Thursday commute to school, fail, and listen to it Wednesday while playing a game.