What'd Drew mean by "The one with the dude in the car" in the 'every possible combination of pixels' discussion?

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During the discussion of iterating through every possible combination of pixels for a 1080p screen Drew says he only wants "one image", "the one with the dude in the car". 4 years later I still have no idea what he was referencing, can anyone help me out? :(


Apologies if this has been answered before, my forum searches didn't turn anything up.

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Is it something they were talking about earlier in the podcast?

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It was likely the same episode, but they talked about a guy who made love to cars, Drew wants to see it. There was also another episode where John Drake guested, and they for sure talked about a man that wanted to marry his car, after having had sexual relations with hundreds of vehicles. Might be related? Can't really remember.

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THANKS Y'ALL! As a serial "oops I forgot to give you the context" person, I should have known that listening to the rest of that episode would have given me the answer.