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The Crew 11.99 E

Need for Speed 2014 16.99 E

These games are both on sale on PS4 right now, and they're both cheap, but are they actually worth any money? Or even your time?

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I can't say anything about that Need for Speed game. FYI, there wasn't a Need for Speed game in 2014 - do you mean the one of the same title released in 2015 with the weird Live Action videos? I remember that game looking awful, but my memories are faint at best and basically come down to Jeff's poor review.

I can, however, say that the only positive thing I've ever heard of the Crew was Austin Walker's experience enjoying it only when he ignored the actual objective structure, and instead meandered through the world like a EuroTruck Simulator game. And it turns out, his enjoyment was fleeting anyway.

TLDR: neither have very fond followings.

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I enjoyed my time with The Crew, if for no other reason than loving the ability to put a lift kit and mud tires on my Mustang, because...Why not?!