Which rendition of the Bombcast theme is your favorite?

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Poll: Which rendition of the Bombcast theme is your favorite? (256 votes)

Version 1 3%
V2 20%
V3 31%
V4 6%
V5 13%
V6 8%
GOTY V1 3%
GOTY V2 2%
GOTY V3 6%
GOTY V4 5%
GDC 2009 0%
E3 2010 1%

I really like V5, for some reason it makes me really nostalgic and takes me back to my childhood though I also really enjoy the V3 & V4 of GOTY.

Below are links to each versions in order of the poll for your reference.

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#1 Posted by elmorales94 (373 posts) -

Gotta love how simple and clean V6 is, but when I listen to V3 I feel so... funky. Gotta give it to that one.

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#2 Edited by Cerberus3Dog (1029 posts) -
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The best theme is the unofficial official bombcast theme

but it's actually V3. I really like V3, V5, GOTY V2, GDC, and E3 the most.

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#3 Posted by mellotronrules (2625 posts) -

V3 beyond any shadow of a doubt.

along with the accompanying podcast art- that thing just SCREAMS late 70s police procedural and i'm all about that.

plus it fills my heart with warm memories of the good king davis.

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#4 Posted by existentialcrisis (14 posts) -

@cerberus3dog said:

The unofficial official bombcast theme

Yes, perfect. Now I'll have that in my head for the rest of the day.

Oh man I voted for version 5, but the GOTY V2 one just sounds so promising and foreboding.

And I can't find it on Youtube but what about Vinny's remix whenever he hosted the Bombcast? A bit of everything, best of both worlds!

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#5 Edited by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

Shit, I forgot to include this as an option

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#6 Posted by FacelessVixen (2668 posts) -

Version 3 with no hesitation. The horns are too good.

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#7 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1646 posts) -

V1 so damn funky I love it. V2 sure brings back alot of memories

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#8 Posted by plop1920 (568 posts) -

Voted V2 when I meant V3.

I think V3 had some of the best moments in this website's history. Ryan was such a good host

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#9 Posted by Jibanyan (148 posts) -

V3 is S-tier. Wouldn't mind them bringing it back if it wasn't so damn nostalgic for that specific time in Giant Bomb history.

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#10 Posted by Relkin (1214 posts) -

V4 without question. None of the others come close.

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#11 Posted by Fram (1864 posts) -

V4 is freaking RAD, I love it so much. Honourable mention to V2. Also the GOTY V4 is so smooooooth.

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#12 Posted by DrFlapjack (373 posts) -

When the heck did v5 happen? I don't remember that at all...

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#13 Posted by Shiftygism (1073 posts) -


All day, every day.

None of these are on the level of "Lockdown" though, which is the greatest tune to ever grace this site despite not being an official theme.

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#14 Posted by eskimo (513 posts) -

I fucked up and put V1 when I actually meant V2

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#15 Posted by doctordonkey (1856 posts) -

V3 will never be topped. Hearing the horns fade out and the big man come in with a boisterous "Heeeeeeeeeeeey everyone it's tuuuuuesday!" will never, ever be surmounted.

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#16 Edited by JohnyMyko (1897 posts) -

This poll is missing the best rendition of the Bombcast theme:

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(full segment from the BLLSL here)

Based on the options on the poll, to me it's a tie between V4 and V6 but I also love GOTY-V3 and GOTY-V4. In the end, voted for V6.

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#17 Posted by konig_kei (1032 posts) -

"The Christmas one" was what I was thinking coming into this and that hasn't changed. GOTY V1! Whoooooo!

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#18 Posted by OMGFather (1061 posts) -

Voted for V3.

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#19 Posted by yabbering_yeti (107 posts) -

V2 all the way

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#20 Posted by TheRealTurk (578 posts) -

Absolutely V3. V1 is a little too disco and V2 is a little too techno.

V3 is all police mustaches and Dodge Coronets. It's glorious.

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#21 Posted by L33T_HAXOR (940 posts) -

Definitely V5, I miss it. They haven't really used it in years.

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#22 Edited by fisk0 (6954 posts) -

As a fan of the mellotron, I absolutely love the GOTY V1 version. The mellotron string lead melody is so fucking good. Of the mainline Bombcast themes I'd say V5 is my favorite.

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#23 Posted by Hamst3r (5480 posts) -

V2 is where it's at.

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#24 Posted by Belegorm (1848 posts) -

V3 for sure!

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#25 Posted by isomeri (3125 posts) -
@hamst3r said:

V2 is where it's at.

Is best.

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#26 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

I always really liked the Christmas-y one. GOTY V1.

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#27 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2104 posts) -

Man v2 and v3 really take me back! But I like the GOTY ones that sound like some spy shit.

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#28 Posted by uhtaree (951 posts) -

I used to like V2 a lot but boy it sounds pretty dated now. I like the stealth-epic GOTY v2, the jazz GOTYs, and the Nine Inch Nails-like e3 2010 theme about all equally.

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#29 Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

@johnymyko: That's pretty cool, hadn't heard it before. Probably not something I'd wanna hear weekly but be great to hear it couple episodes out of the year.

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#30 Posted by JohnyMyko (1897 posts) -

@johnymyko: That's pretty cool, hadn't heard it before. Probably not something I'd wanna hear weekly but be great to hear it couple episodes out of the year.

They should use it just once per year on a random episode and never address it, just act like it was the regular intro

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#31 Edited by Jedijoe9 (4 posts) -

Does anyone remember the episode where Vinny guest hosted and mixed a bunch of the themes together for the intro?

I think it was an in-joke after the theme kept changing week by week (as a mistake) but I've always wanted to go back and listen to that episode.

Ah-ha, I found it:


So that's maybe another version?

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#32 Posted by csl316 (15006 posts) -

V4 with those sweet guitar licks, or the smooth jazz of GOTY 3

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#33 Edited by The_Tribunal (481 posts) -

i fucking love the jazz composition of goty v4

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#34 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (647 posts) -

Arrow pointing down is the real winner but voted for v3.

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#35 Posted by BisonHero (11604 posts) -

Of the 6 main versions, I think they're all kinda atrocious mixes in the first place or are techno that aged very poorly, except for V3 which is absolutely god tier, and V6 is like a fixed version of V2 and is tolerable.

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#36 Posted by Xeirus (1729 posts) -

V3 is better than V2?

You people are insane.

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#37 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

V3 is the best and also tied for my emotional attachment with V2. Those two were running at the height of giant bomb fanboying for me. Goty V3 is good too.

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#38 Posted by Vextroid (1578 posts) -

@jedijoe9: Yes!, I was wandering where this option was.

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#41 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4452 posts) -

I've been looking for V5 for so long! Thank you!

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#42 Posted by jaycrockett (860 posts) -

V6 might be the best but I do miss V3 and wish it could rotate in occasionally.

Who made/makes the theme song anyway?

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#43 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

V2 has the right amount of bounce to the ounce. V6 is real good too though

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#44 Posted by ripelivejam (13227 posts) -

I'm guessing V5 was phased out naturally? Feel they also don't use it anymore as it felt kinda like Ryan's jam, but I'm also pretty sure they used it a little while after his passing. Love it tho, :plur for days.

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#47 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

V3 is so good, especially paired with the cop show art.

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#48 Posted by nutter (2297 posts) -

Most of the Bombcast tracks have always been great. I voted for V3.

For the record, I really dig:

- Bombcast V1, V3, and V4

- GOTY V1, V3, and V4

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#49 Edited by iAmJohn (6293 posts) -

@drflapjack: 2013. They got rid of it after Ryan passed. I could be reading too much into things, but I always got the sense that he was the only one who really liked it since even before we lost him, Jeff would go back to V3 every time he ran the episodes.

But it’s V5. V5 is the best one and will always be the best one. Unless we’re counting the Nintendownload Express theme, because that’s the actual best one.