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The first podcast of 2014 went up and it doesn't have new intro music. Actually, it doesn't even have the 2013 music. What gives?

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Man, some of you guys are needy. I'm guessing that seeing as Ryan was the host, he was usually the guy that would arrange with whatever musician to make a new arrangement of the Bombcast theme. Jeff either has other plans, or just hasn't gotten to it yet. So, relax? Because really, who cares?

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But it does have the best intro music, so what's the problem?

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If there was new intro music, someone else would be posting and complaining about it.

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So...you're complaining about not having new, Ryan Davis-arranged intro music when we don't even have Ryan Davis. That may come off harsher than I intend it to. Brave new world, tensions are high. I think we'll be ok.

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Who cares?

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They've never changed it at a regular interval, they're like Blizzard with it. It willchange when it changes.

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Just go back to the second theme with that sick ass slap bass, it's scientifically proven to be the best podcast theme song.

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Actually, was the theme they just used for the podcast awards new? I'd never heard it before.

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I like to think we have a newer, better introduction to the podcast:
Vinny and Jeff talking mess about stamps.

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Why are you people posting! I disproved this thread with my logic!

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