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All of the nemeses in my Norende are level 80 so I won't be able to touch them until WAYY later in the game. Is this normal or a fluke? Do the nemeses eventually leave or cycle out? I just realized they arrive when you update your streetpass thing, which kinda sucks as that's how you also get more villagers.

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They cycle out, just update online again and maybe a lower level one will come. Also, they don't do anything, there's no negative benefit to having them around, just the xp/jp/pg from fighting them as a reward.

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@tylea002: ok thanks. I just wanna get rid of them as they are in the way of expanding the town.

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@nasar7 said:

@tylea002: ok thanks. I just wanna get rid of them as they are in the way of expanding the town.

As far as I know (which isn't very far, to be perfectly honest), they don't stop you from clearing land, making new buildings, or upgrading existing structures. They seem to just float around harmlessly.

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The whole nemesis systems seems poorly implemented. I got the game about a week ago, and all the nemeses from Square Enix, streetpasses, or the net invites (internet streetpasses, let's say) are all like lvl 50-99, mostly 99.

I mean, in Fire Emblem, they actually came in handy for grinding, because that game doesn't have random battles you can repeat unless you buy DLC. So fighting other people's teams was kinda cool. But in Bravely Default, you can just go grind anywhere, so I don't see the point of nemeses at all, especially when they don't even try to match to your level and everybody is an asshole forwarding level 99 enemies.