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When prompted by the new site, I attempted to create a new profile through facebook login. It did not link to my old premium account in any way.

Now my account is not premium, and I cannot access my old facebook login account to discontinue premium there, so I don't want to resub on the new account.

I sent an email to support last week and I don't want to pester: I know they are crazy busy.

I just want the content I was charged money to access, and I don't want to be charged on an account i can't even access. I'll lose all the wiki points and the like, I just want my premium access and my account billing straightened out.

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I'm having the same problem, just to clarify the exact problem I'm having.. If that will help in anyway(?)

I'll click sign in through Facebook and the site tells me I'm logged in through Facebook while staying at the log in screen, only the email account I use for Facebook shows up in the "create a new account" section along with my Facebook user name. If I click create a new account with that information in the boxes, the site tells me I'm unable to use punctuation in my user name (as there is punctuation in my Facebook account name), if I change the user name the site comes up with the "woops, there was an error" message.. Hmmm.

Hope any of that shit helps.