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SuperFish . com

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Site is broken or my user account is broken?

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They'll fix this in a jif.

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And don't I just feel like a big dumdum.

False alarm, GB isn't accidentally showing ads to premium users. Sorry for firing off a flare before doing my research.

I don't run javascript on many sites (whitelist) so I hadn't noticed before but the Chrome extension I use to scrobble my Google Music to called Better Music for Google Play Music recently updated to infect every page with an advertising network script. Now I've uninstalled it and my browser is working again. Yuck, Chrome store extensions that sit there doing a useful by small service on a specific site suddenly decide to try and get rich by ruining the experience of their users with an update to add adware.

Again, sorry Top Men. Not GB, my bad.

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Locking this since the issue has been resolved.