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I don't know if this technically counts as a bug, but the thread title explains pretty much the whole problem. I tried to go back and listen to Jeff humorously reading DSIWare releases, but every link that was tied to the podcast is no longer working.

The GB articles about each episode have links to both Jeff's blog (which I guess was tied to the RSS feed) and an MP3 hosted on media.giantbomb.com, but the jeffblog links now just redirect to his tumblr, while the media.giantbomb ones died during the redesign or maybe even long before. Even on iTunes or other podcast services, it seems totally inaccessible, presumably because those services are trying to pull from the now-dead RSS. Maybe a 2011 side project/joke podcast counts as low-priority content, but I'd really appreciate it if they got rehosted as MP3s somewhere on the site, or even if the old mp3 links were changed to lead to wherever those files are now.

Apologies if the bug forum is the wrong place for this - if so, it'd at least be nice to know who to talk to about old dead links.

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Update: Jeff just answered this for me on his tumblr. He'll "toss them up somewhere one of these days", so I suppose that counts as problem solved. Thanks Jeff!

I'd close this thread now, except I don't know how and might not even have the power to do that in the first place.

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Man. I just had an urge tonight to listen to that old Rick "The Ricker" episode, and I can't find it anywhere, even on Wayback. I'll upload it to Youtube, when I get the chance.

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For the record, they still appear to be hosted here: http://blog.jeffgerstmann.net

I'm going to put them on YouTube - it doesn't seem like they're completely available there.

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Can't even find them on itunes... disappointing... because I loved reading the comments.

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In case anybody is looking for them, Jeff just uploaded them to his soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/jeff-gerstmann