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Don't know if this is a new UI feature or just something on my end, but almost every red link in the forums and comment sections has a red underline.

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Happening on both Firefox and Edge, and it is not occurring on any other website.

2nd small edit: Happening on both my work laptop and desktop PC, so it's unlikely to be some kind of malware.

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Same here in chrome

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Yup, same here on chrome.

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This was a usability change for those danged colorblindpeople that I believe was rolled out a bit more widely than was intended. We'll be tweaking which links are underlined going forward as it's definitely happening in more places than it should be.

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I actually thought my cat fell asleep on my keyboard and pressed a weird keyboard combination :D

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I'm glad to know I was not going crazy. I was second guessing myself if those were already there and I just didn't notice it or if I changed some setting on accident.