Ambiguous Video Titles on Wiki Pages

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With the release of the new site design video titles for Quick Looks are showing just the name of the game on the Wiki videos tab for a game. I often find myself going to a game's wiki page to see if there have been any quick looks or playdates of that game. It's now almost impossible to do so.

Being a developer myself I assume this is because of the new way you're handling shows/episodes. Example below.

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I've noticed problems with this as well. It seems like titles with the show name removed makes sense in some instances, like in carousels where the video title is always listed next to the show name. But it doesn't look right in other places, like on Infinite, where for example "Metal Gear Scanlon 2 - Part 11" is just listed as "2 - Part 11".

In my opinion, for a lot of shows, separating the show name doesn't look right. In carousels, the current ASG podcast looks like this:


All Systems Goku

...when it would make a lot more sense just being displayed "All Systems Goku: 26"

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This is a Known Issue and we'll see if we can get something done about it. Sorry for the trouble.