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Watching with Google Chrome, whenever I watch a GB video lately, at some random point the sound goes back something like 3 or 4 seconds while the video continues normally. After a single loop, the video syncs again. It can happen several times in the same video too.

Using Windows 10 if that helps.

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@linkorius: Is this happening at the same time in the same videos consistently? Can you give me any timestamps in a specific video that this is happening for you? Does this happen on desktop and mobile for the same videos?

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No, it happens at random. I watched the Jungle Beat Elite video and the glitch happened at the 11:59 mark. Went back this morning, and that part of the video was fine, but the glitch reoccurred at 14:25. I only watch GB content on my desktop PC so I don't know if it also happens on mobile.

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@linkorius: @rorie: I can confirm I've had the exact same issue, only started noticing it yesterday. The audio loops back on itself for about 5 seconds and then the video re-syncs perfectly. It doesn't happen every 5 minutes or anything, the intervals are completely random. I noticed it on Game Tapes 06 and Exquisite Corps 26 (happened at least 3 times in the first 10 minutes) refreshed and it was the exact same sentences that looped. SO I switched the quality from HTML5 auto to HTML5 high then back to uuto and it seems fine now.

Latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 btw.

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I noticed the same issue in some videos (e.g. Hitsmas 2017) but forgot to report it. It only happens when using HTML5/HLS. Progressive streaming does not have that issue for me (and since it works better in general in my case I've only been using progressive lately).

Also Chrome (66) on Windows 10 (1803).

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OK, I will try to look into this when I can! Sorry for the trouble.

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@linkorius:@rodn3y: @rorie:

This actually only started for me on the 23rd when W10 finally shoehorned me into accepting its v1804 update (which failed to fully install) after avoiding it for a long time. Perhaps we 3 are all victim to the same faith? Since posting on here I've noticed various A/V issues across all PC audio and video (VLC, iTunes), mostly stuttering... May not be a GB issue..

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It happens on mobile too. Have had it happen on Windows 10 PC on both Chrome and Firefox, as well as on my iPhone 8 Plus in the Safari browser.

As previously posted, there's no set timestamps for it. It will happen at the exact same timestamp if I rewind the video, but if I exit and come back to the video later it won't happen at the same timestamp.

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I've actually had the same thing to from time to time, Windows 10 on using Chrome (all would have been the most recent versions at that time). I usually just chalked it up to a bandwidth hiccup, and never thought too much about it TBH. Similar to the others, it seems to be random, no consistent variables I can recall on both 'regular videos' (free and Premium) and the Infinite stream, and I would say I first started noticing it in the past month or so. Thanks Rorie.

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@rorie: Just noticed this too (only on HTML5 - I had previously been using the Progressive player but noticed HTML5 uses far fewer resources on my laptop so switched over until I noticed this bug occur multiple times).

Latest Chrome (66) with current Win 10 (1803) and exactly this behaviour where the audio jumps back a few seconds at some point in the video (losing sync, very noticeable when it happens during talking as a sentence often repeats) and then, after some time, it jumps forward (to come back into sync with the video stream). While it appears to be quite random (reload video and it doesn't happen again at the same point if you jump to the time), it does persist in the local cache so when you experience the desync you can scrub back a bit in the video and see it happen again (presumably while that block of streamed data is in memory the corrupted sync issue persists but a full reload causes it to start streaming a new copy).

This happened on two different machines (one Intel, one AMD) but with same software setup on both (and with several different GB videos).

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Same here. I'm on the latest chrome (Windows 8.1) and I got it to loop the audio repeatedly at one point in a video but once I re-loaded it was fine. It seems to happen, to me at least, on longer videos in random intervals.

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Also been seeing this. Needed to finish the last few minutes of the first big boss 2 episode to watch the latest, and it happened almost immediately to where I was. 1:35:15, it's looping where Vinny asks if there are any other mines in other areas, and the same as everyone else when I reload the page I can no longer rewind and hear it loop anymore.

This is a pretty new problem for me. Updated win10 and chrome as well; never really seen this with any other video player or GB prior to the past few weeks maybe.

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I also noticed this watching the Beast in the East series, but didn't report it cause I thought I was going insane. Using Chrome, HTML5 player and I think it was either on Auto or HD quality.

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It's been happening to me for the past three days. Both east and west videos. Chrome 67, HTML player on Auto quality. It occurs randomly.

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#15 Posted by AndrooD2 (251 posts) -

I have also experienced this multiple times though not recently. It's been a couple months. Seems completely random. On mobile (iPhone, iPad) using Safari.

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Thanks for all the reports on this. There's a bug report in for it but I can't guarantee it'll get solved before E3 rolls around. Sorry for the trouble.

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Just though I'd chime in that this is happening on the latest stable Firefox 60.0.1 on Windows 7 too. Watching Vinnystania and it's happening for a few seconds every ten minutes or so. HTML5 player on HD.

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Just experienced this for the first time today. Doesn't seem to be related to a specific video (happened on a few different videos, they were all released this week though). It's both audio randomly looping, and then it getting out of sync (but eventually catching back up). On chrome Version 67.0.3396.62

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This has been happening to me as well. I'm currently watching the Zelda randomizer video and I'm getting the looping audio. I'm chrome and win 7. This happens for me on both premium and non-premium videos. HTML5 player on HD

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I get the same problem. Randomly the audio will loop during playback. This happens with the HTML5 player. I've tried both Chrome and Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 (everything updated) and get the same error. The audio loop doesn't happen with progressive playback though, so I switched to that.

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same issue. html5 player. doesn't happen with progressive or youtube. started a few days ago. very weird

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Same issue, seems like it might be getting worse? Just watched a six minute video where it happened 3 or 4 times

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I don't watch most videos using the Giant Bomb player - I tend to either download for later watching or watch on Youtube. However I've been encountering this problem while watching Giant Bomb Infinite, which is bizarre as that's the Twitch player and I watch a LOT of Twitch streams and have never had this issue with any other stream. Maybe the broadcast PC is having the issue when playing back the videos for Infinite?

It was especially bad during the Nintendo Switch Launch Day stream, which was on Infinite on Jun 04. The audio looped every 5 mins or so.

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Just throwing in another voice of having this happen. Chrome, Windows 10. Twitch as well as youtube player.

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I've also seen (heard?) this happen on the GB Infinite stream on Twitch for what it's worth.

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Yup, this is still happening.

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This is happening on Giant Bomb Infinite with increasing regularity. It has been as bad as repeating 5 seconds every 10 seconds for a minute or more, making it entirely impossible to figure out what sound is supposed to be coming out because it gets so jumbled, lol. Good luck!

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Happened to me at least 3 times in the new Ranking of Fighters video and almost immediately on another one after that. Also on Chrome.

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Been happening to me, also. Though once someone repeated what they said on purpose. That really spooked me for a second, lol.

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#30 Posted by Ericjasonwade (363 posts) -

Happens to me all the time, across multiple different setups, phones, desktop, etc.

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#31 Posted by Rorie (5036 posts) -

It sounds like the cause of this is due to the quality of the video rapidly switching between two video qualities. We're working on a fix for that now but I still don't have an ETA, unfortunately.

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#33 Posted by isomeri (3043 posts) -

Yeah, it's been happening to me a lot as well during E3 especially. But good to hear that it's being investigated.

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Just noticed the problem that last couple days on my home computer. Didn't happen on my Chromebook while I was traveling for whatever reason.

In any case, I assume that the issue can be solved by switching off of "Auto" quality and picking one for it to stick at?

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Same exact problem here. Windows 10, latest Chrome.

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#36 Posted by Zabiam (10 posts) -

Same here. Only html5. win10. chrome.

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#37 Posted by Dryker (907 posts) -

Just noticed this on the latest Bombcast. Win 10 Chrome.

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Yup happening. Even on GB infinite on the twitch player.

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I have the same problem in firefox and safari, windows and Mac respectively, but not only with GB videos.