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Honestly not sure if this a bug or if I'm just not enabling something. I keep hearing about this autoplay feature in the Dev Podcast but it doesn't seem to work for me. At the end of a show all I get is the spinning circle in the middle, like it's loading but nothing happens.

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I checked my profile settings and autoplay is enabled, I try clicking the video and nothing happens. I still see the menu options so I can replay it, adjust volume, share, etc.

OS: Windows 10
Chrome: 71.0.3578.98
Video: HTML5

I tried on a few videos and all the same results. As far as I know this feature hasn't worked for me so maybe I just haven't selecting something but I've looked all over and came up empty.

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@ozzie: Have you tried another browser just to see if it works there?

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@rorie: Rorie! Not sure how I didn't think of that. Just tried it on Edge and still the same results... but I just tried it on Chrome, on my desktop and it worked there. So it's somehow tied to my laptop, maybe my OS?

I already said I'm using Windows 10 but my laptop has version 17763 while my desktop has 17134.

Again though, pretty sure this feature never worked for me and I just recently updated windows a week ago. So not 100% sure it's even related to that but maybe I'm wrong.

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I have the same problem but my main browser is Firefox

I tried Edge and it works fine

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@kmg90: Strange, for me playing it on Edge or Chrome made no difference. I've even had another Windows update and still no change. @rorie is there anything else I can try/provide that might help solve this problem?

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@ozzie: Let me tag in @wcarle to see if he knows more about this; I think some things with autoplay are changing in some respects but I'm not 100% up on all that right now.