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I wanted to know more about the 8-4 guys here on the site after hearing about them on their podcast working on the English translation of Fire Emblem: Awakening (which is fantastic in many aspects, if I may so add), so I decided to search for them on the site. Inputting "8-4" would be enough right? Pretty identifiable and unique company name but it took five clicks of drop-down menus for them to finally show up, and it was the very, very last one. I'm sure it's because of the redesign of the site being newly launched and all, but I hope search doesn't stay this way.

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I think search results are based on their popularity. Maybe because the site just got re-launched it reset all the associated popularity levels and now it's sorting by some unknown factor. I don't actually know, that's just my guess.

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The search results are based on popularity. We'll probably be tweaking the results a bit more, and I see a bit of a relevancy bug here with '8-4' needing to trigger the search term earlier. We'll definitely be spending time on the search.