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Over the past few weeks this has gotten considerably worse for me, and now it's pretty much impossible to watch any premium content. I've tried the Xbox One app / phone / PC (Chrome, firefox, IE, etc.) with the same results.

What's interesting is that the buffering seems exactly the same no matter what quality settings I choose. Low quality buffers no less than high and HD, same in both progressive and HTML5.

I know at one point @wcarle was working on a thing that would help pinpoint and auto-detect video issues, has that been implemented? Or is this something that is being worked on in conjunction with akamai? It's getting ridiculously bad, and while my connection isn't the best out there it's got no issues playing HD content from anywhere else (Netflix/Amazon/Movies Anywhere/YouTube/...).

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It has been a steady issue of bad for me for awhile now, but today watching the BF 2 quick look was rough. So i turned off progressive and that seem to help.

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I've been having trouble the past few months as well. I found setting HTML5 to Auto would sometimes reduce the buffering, but then the videos don't look great. I checked with my ISP (Comcast) and even had a new gateway installed. Netflix UHD (4K, whatever) works like a charm so I think I can cross off my provider from the list of offenders.

If there's any news on this, please share! Thanks!

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I recently a week or two ago reformatted my PC and since then its had the same problem everyone's talked about forever. Never had the problem before until the reformat. No clue what it could be. Every other streaming service, and video provider work like a charm no issues. It's really unfortunate because UPF is my go to thing to watch on the weekends. It hitches so badly, I just can't sit through it. I really wish I knew what was different now that I reformatted, and reinstalled windows on my PC.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!