Can not load any videos at all Chrome/Firefox on my PC

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The Circle just keeps repeating. Downloading does not work aswell.

Even the GB App on my Samsung S9 does not work

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@tempa777: I'm not seeing any obvious errors in your account setup. Have you been downloading a lot of videos lately?

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@rorie: No downloading here.

It just suddenly started to play normally again.

I dont know what happened. Did not restart or anything.

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It just happened again.

I was watching Vinnystania Rondo of Blood part 3 in the morning and went to sleep.

Now in the Afternoon i can not watch any videos again.

I did not download anything. Has it something to do that i always close videos 1min. before it ends?

ps. This problem only occurred when watching the rondo of blood videos. Before that everything was fine.

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Can confirm the same. Watched Rondo of Blood 1 yesterday and now today I can't watch any videos at all on the site and downloading doesn't work either.