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I've been trying to edit the SimCity page for a while now but I keep getting an error message saying "Woops! Something went wrong." or something like that (not the "Monkeys have been dispatched" one) and my edits aren't being submitted.

However, I just noticed that I am among the top contributors for the page. I then checked the page's history, and it turns out that my edits are recorded as having been submitted, even though they're still nowhere to be seen on the page. Weirder still, only one attempted edits shows up on my profile's stream.

I feel kinda bad having over 100 unjustified points. Then again, I've spent so much time clearing pages of biased text and second-person pronouns and getting 1 point for it that these situations kind of balance it out.

Still I'd rather only paste my edits back in and submit them when this is taken care of. What's even happening anyway? I was doing some heavy editing earlier today and things were going somewhat smoothly.

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For some reason when I checked it again my edits had gone through, so I tried adding more content to the article and got the bug again.