Cannot quote images posted in comments of articles

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This is most apparent in the recent e3 banner contest article which is full of wonderful images.

Trying to click "quote" (or reply) somehow overlaps with the user's image posted in their comment, opening the image in a pop-up window. Yes you can @ reply people to ping them but it's hardly ideal.

Posting this thread from a laptop running Firefox 67.0, Windows 10 64 bit.

Edit: please note i mean the above link wherein the forum post is rendered as an article. Quoting images seems to work fine in its forum incarnation seen here

Edit #2: BTW every time I click an image, it does the usual pop up but also shows me at the top of the screen "Error loading image" regardless of whether the image loads or not (it usually does).

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@dudeglove: Hmm, I'll look into this, thanks for the note.