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Giantbomb recently updated all of their Wiki Editing tools and I've run into a couple of irritating issues:

When on a Person's wiki page I used to be able to go to "Game Credits" under "Related Pages" and add game credits and specify whether the person's role was in Design, Audio, ect. Now, with the new tools, I can only add the game to their page and if I want to specify if the credit was for Marketing or whatnot I have to go to the game's wiki page itself in order to add that information. This makes adding several credits to a person's page at once incredibly tedious.

Another annoyance is that it seems that once I create an entry in the Release section of a Game page, I can no longer edit what the image for that release is. When I first create the entry I can add an image but after that there doesn't seem to be a way to change it.

Maybe there is still a way to do these things with the new tools but I have yet to find it.

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I was also wondering how to add images to different releases that are already posted, I hope they reply soon.

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yea this needs to be fixed asap, please. ran into the same releases vs images problem just now.

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Another problem I've noticed since starting this thread is that when you click on "View Full History" on a wiki page and then click on an edit done by a user it is suppose to show what the original page looked like in one column and what the page looks like now after the edits in the other. However both columns just show what the page looks like after the changes were made. Here is an example: I made an edit to the Valkyria Chronicles 4 page but both columns show the same text.

Also because of the way the new tools work I can only edit one release entry at a time, since it goes to a separate screen, making it so I can no longer make edits to multiple release entries in one submission. This is pretty annoying when a launch date is changed for a game being released on several platforms because then I need to make a bunch of submissions in order to update all of the release entries.

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Another issue I've run into is that I can't add images to pages that don't have anything in their gallery. This is currently the case with the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon page and several other pages I've created recently such as the Person pages for Kouhaku Kuroboshi and Mine Yoshizaki.

Is there a better place I can send all these problems I'm having with the wiki tools?