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been using the download button on the site to get the podcast for years. found in the last 5 days that after clicking the download button i can only see have the player interface. the second download button i then click on the player is unavailable.

Operating System

Nokia 3 andriod Phone

Browser tested on:

Google Chrome (latest version)

ghostery (all blocking disabled)

i have checked other podcast sites and i have no issue showing the player on them.

i have tested it being logged into the site and also not loged in.

any help would be much appreciated on this problem.

Kind Regards,


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I have the same issue and narrowed it down to giantbomb.com not even accessible on my phone's LTE network. It can only be reached on my home cable internet or work.

On chrome , the error when accessing giantbomb.com is


Some issue with the DNS?

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I’m having the same issue. Using an iPhone X on Sprint LTE I can’t stream podcasts via overcast or the Apple app, and giantbomb.com does not load in Safari. The second I flip on WiFi everything works fine.

I also tried Gamespot.com and CBS.com, they fail to load in Safari as well. Seems like something with CBS may be going on?

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Apparently setting a different DNS server resolves this on my phone: