Certain downloaded videos no longer playing on Chromebook

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Okay, this is a weirdly particular problem, and I'm mostly just curious to learn why it may be happening. I download most GB videos for easier viewing, often watching them on a second monitor. Sometimes, I'll transfer them over to my Chromebook so I can watch them while playing a game on my television. This has always worked fine until recently. I've noticed that most (maybe all?) of the site videos that feature video of the crew--UPFs, video podcasts, etc--will no longer load on my Chromebook, instead bringing up a black screen. Other videos, such as Quick Looks, do not have this problem.

Are those videos using a different video codec or something strange that would prevent them from playing on my Chromebook. Again, this isn't a big issue for me, more of a minor inconvenience as I can just watch those videos directly on the site, and I really just want to understand what would cause this issue.