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This is probably easier to explain by example, so take the page for Makise Kurisu for instance:

  • Main page shows "Appears in 8 games" - This appears accurate
  • However, the "Game appearances" box shows "View all 39 results"
  • Going through to the games page, the pagination box shows "39 results", but only 9 entries are shown
  • The first 8 entries are accurate, but the second page (which only contains the 9th entry) just duplicates the entry for Steins;Gate (both link to the same wiki page)
  • This may a separate bug, but the first entry for Steins;Gate just lists "PSP X360" as platforms; the second lists "PS3 XBGS +7 more", despite both linking to the same wiki page.
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There are a lot of miscounted items in the wiki and unfortunately have been for years. We're working to rebuild some of the wiki foundation sometime soon and hopefully that'll smooth out some of the rough edges around there.