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I emailed support the other day, but I'm posting this here just to see if anyone else is having the same problem. I'm a monthly member and I get billed every month on the 9th. Looking at my CC statement, I was charged for this month's membership, but the site does not see me as a premium member. I'm not flipping out about it, switching to the new site has been completely painless for me other than with this specific thing. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Is there perhaps a work around to fix it myself (delete cookies/system32)? Also, looking at my avatar, do you see this silver dealie? I don't :( but I should :(

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Really not sure if it's supposed to take a while to hear back from support but this is kind of a bummer. Hope something gets resolved so I dont have to charge my CC again just to watch Blade Runner.

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That really sucks. It does some times take awhile to hear back from them and some times they get right back to you instantly. I guess it's all about how busy they are.

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I signed up not too long ago and got immediate access to premium, so I don't know why it would take so long.

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This should be in Bug Reporting.

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Try emailing Dave, david.snider@cbsinteractive.com

He helped me with a similar issue.

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thanks, I dont really want to be a bother. I suppose its been a week with no contact from support so I'll give it a try.

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Hey paying customer,

PM myself and @idBloc, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Don't worry, you're not a bother at all!

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Is it a recurring payment or you bought a new subscription?

Tips: logout and log back in it will refresh your subscription information (with the medal)

Still tweaking stuff so your subscription can be updated seamlessly