Chat page becomes unresponsive after extended viewing

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This has been happening pretty consistently with live streams. I find myself having to force a refresh after a certain period of time in order for the page to become responsive again. I think it's likely a memory leak, Firefox is reporting quite a bit of memory usage for the page. The symptoms are laggy interactions with the page including typing in chat and interacting with the viewer controls. This is happening on my gaming PC with the latest version of Firefox. The Firefox Task Manager doesn't show any of my add-ons consuming excess memory, only the chat page during a live stream (upwards of 1GB). I tried to use Firefox's developer tools to see if I could figure out what was happening, but I'm not too experienced with front-end dev so I'm not 100% sure how to debug the issue. The only thing I could discern is that an ArrayBuffer object is responsible for most of the memory on the page. Anyway I saved a memory snapshot (.fxsnapshot file), if any GB engineers are interested in the file let me know and I can transfer it to you (it's about 40MB). The snapshot is from today's GBE playdate of RE4, where other users in the chat also reported laggy pages and recommended refreshing the page.

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