Chats API endpoint is currently suggesting that GB is streaming Evo 2016

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Not sure if this should be here or the API Developers forum. The Chats API endpoint is currently returning a result that has Evo 2016 in it. Below is a screenshot.

Edit: First noticed this around 4:45 PM Pacific Time, and it persists at 8:45.

Second edit: The strange result still persists over 24 hours later. Hopefully this will fix itself when Giant Bomb live streams tomorrow.

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So time travel?

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We once again have an erroneous live stream showing up in the /chats API endpoint. And this one might be spoiling something you guys are working on? (The other result is the Bombcast, which is streaming at the time I am reporting this.)

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Fuck, I'm all hyped for GB TV.

:hype :hype :hype :hype