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Is this a bug or intended? It was nice to know what time things started in the UK and not have to work it out myself.

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Just noticed this myself. One of the most useful things on the old site so hope it's going to be fixed on the new one.

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I'm sure it's on the list of fixes.

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@beaker said:

I'm sure it's on the list of fixes.

Hope so, it's super useful

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If they want to be really awesome they'd add an option to display it in 24 hour clock too...

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If they want to be really awesome they'd add an option to display it in 24 hour clock too...

And for the date to be displayed in a format that makes any kind of sense....

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we could just output a date format based on your location's standard

we'll fix the timezone issue as soon as possible

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I agree with all of the above! Really need this feature.

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I also loved this feature and hope for it's speedy return :)

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Its probably an easy change that they've overlooked with all the other issues, cant see it being too long until its fixed,

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Maybe if they used some kind of international time measurement unit that was really dumb...

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Huh, never knew it worked that way on the old site. Bummer.

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I'll join the chorus of hoping this feature returns soon.

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Local time is busted for me again, anyone else?

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@seb: Yeah, it's broken for me too.