Comments copied with quote formatting have formatting applied, but cannot have it removed

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I was forced to take the long way around on making a comment on a video. I made my very useful and interesting comment that I wanted everyone to read, and then saw another comment that I could make an extremely hilarious and funny joke with. So I refreshed the page, quoted the comment to get it into a text box, and then copied that quote and tried to paste it in my comment which was in Edit mode. The comment copied over with the quotation formatting applied, but I wasn't able to make a new line to add my super funny punchline to. I then tried to press the Quote format, expecting it to undo the formatting. Instead, it double-quoted the original comment instead of removing the formatting from the new line I tried to make. It seems like copying a comment preserves the formatting, but the text editor doesn't recognize it and there's no way to undo the formatting.

here are some pictures to demonstrate the tragedy of the situation.

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edit: it's a sequel to Fart Cat