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Hey ladies, has anyone else got an email asking you to confirm your account with giant bomb? I first signed into the new site a few hours ago, and no-reply@giantbomb.com sent me an email asking me to confirm my registration and a link to do so.

I'm scared to click it. halp

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yes i got it and clicked it and nothing happens. front page just shows.

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#3 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7812 posts) -

Yep, got it as well. I clicked it, did nothing but asked me to upgrade to a premium membership (which I already have).

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Yeah I got that. The link took me to the upgrade membership page as well.

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Gonna comfirm what everyone else here has said. I was worried it was going to reset my account though but nothing happened.

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I got that email also, have not clicked the link

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Got it, clicked the link and it asked me to upgrade even though I'm already a subscriber. Can still access all the premium content though.

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I think during the beta that Dave(or someone else) said on twitter to just ignore that email.