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I'm encountering a weird bug in the Continue Watching carousel on the front page of the site where multiple videos that I've already completed are showing up there and the tetris effect quick look is showing up twice. I'm on an up to date version of firefox with no plug-ins running. Here's an image of the bug:

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#2 Posted by Jarno (98 posts) -

Maybe related, as well as the duplications I'm also getting new Quick Looks appearing in my Continue Watching queue, even though I haven't even started them.

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#3 Posted by drac96 (777 posts) -

@jarno: I am also experiencing this. It seems to be that when a video finishes whatever video is going to try to play next is added to the Continue Watching queue.

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I'm having a different issue, but maybe it's worth grouping here.

A lot of the videos (if not all) that I started before the new site don't show the progress bar in the carousel/grid view. My location is saved on the video, as it resumes from the correct timestamp, they just don't show the progress bar on the thumbnail, which makes it hard to know which videos I've seen already.

I've mainly been testing with Mass Alex, and reloading the old videos and skipping to the end still doesn't show a completed progress bar on the show page. The Tetris Effect video correctly shows a completed progress bar on the thumbnail.

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#5 Posted by Rorie (5819 posts) -

I'm told that a lot of work is being done on the Continue Watching feature at the moment. Sorry for the trouble!

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I know you said it's still a WIP, so I dunno if this info is helpful, but I'm not seeing progress or completion bars on any of the videos I've watched before or after the site update. If I come back to a video to resume it'll pick back up at the spot I stopped, but I just don't see any bars at the bottom of thumbnails like in OP's image. Digging the redesign though!

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#7 Posted by Architecture (104 posts) -

This is only tangentially related, but I'm going to ask here:

Is there a way to disable autoplay for videos? I usually throw on a video before bed, but I don't want GB to autoplay the whole time I'm sleeping. I normally fall asleep halway through a vid and then the computer goes to sleep after it finishes. Is it possible to set the site to not autoplay any content? If not, please look into this.

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@architecture: I believe if you click Pause while the next video is queuing up to autoplay, autoplay should turn off for that device after that. I think there are still some kinks we're working out with that system, though!

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The problem with that system is I'm usually asleep and cannot hit pause, so some sort of manual setting would definitely be appreciated. If possible, it would be nice to have an account-level toggle that told the site to not autoplay.

Just a thought, thanks for your response.