Continue watching carosel saved the wrong video

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Saw the final episode of metal gear scanlon 4 was in the carosel for this day in giantbomb history.

Just recently started it, exited out before I finished the video, came back to the site, and under the continue watching area it saved the episode of metal gear scanlon peace walker the movie instead of the one I was watching

Not sure if that’s deliberate since the one I’m watching is in the “this day in giantbomb history” carosel right now, but just in case it isn’t I figured I should call it out here.

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@mrfluke: This worked correctly for me when I started that video, but we'll see if anyone else is affected by it!

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@rorie: took some screenshots of what i see on Chrome if this would help somewhat. never started The Peace Walker Metal Gear Scanlon video at all, but the Metal Gear Scanlon 4 video has my exact stop point over on that carosel (I was near the end of the video) I guess the system thought i was finished with the video and jumped to the next one. Weird. but not a big deal if i'm like the only case of this happening.