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Hey guys,

Not sure if this has a post on it already but it would be really awesome if on the menu bar at the top of the Giant Bomb website there was a continue watching Page under the videos tab. The page would show videos I haven't completed (maybe up to 95%) in order of when I last watched them at the top.

The reason I'm a premium member of giant bomb is that I love the long form video game content (along with the personalities from the crew) and I'm happy to pay for it. But sometimes the length of videos wont sync up with my work load/ travels or whatever free time I have and I need to stop a video in the knowledge I can come back to it later.

I know the site keeps the data of where I last watched an episode but it would be really helpful if there was a history page or 'continue watching' page that I can quickly find that random UPF from a few years ago I was watching yesterday.

Either way, be great to know if this is something in the pipeline or there's just not enough call for a feature like this.


*love you 3000 GB crew*

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Pretty sure this page used to exist but it got murdered at some point after the redesign... Currently the only way to find "Continue Watching" is by scrolling halfway down the homepage - or at least I thought it was? I just checked and its disappeared from there too. Bummer.

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Pretty sure this was a casualty of the Great Usability Purge of 2018. The closest equivalent is now the "Continue Watching" from the main page, which may or may not be there, depending on the day, may or may not contain videos you actually watched, and which may or may not be sorted in an discernible order.

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@bollard: Video progress has been getting obliterated for some users recently. Without recorded progress, the Continue Watching carousel disappears.

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@grumbles: thanks for this! I agree it just needs to be in the top menu.